In Pain? Myropractic Works!

Craig Haynes is a professional myropractor A.M.A. F.W.A F.A

Muscles Move Bones! That's the difference...

Many people have already discovered Myropractic for effective, long-term relief from pain. The name Myropractic is derived from the Greek "Myo" meaning "muscle" and "Practic" meaning "to do".

Myropractic treats a broad range of complaints including Sciatica, Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee pain. It is also extremely effective for migraines, vertigo and headaches.

Myropractic works on the principle that "muscles move bones". There is always a corresponding muscle dysfunction to any bone misalignment, which is the main cause of pain and discomfort. Myropractic is an advanced form of musculo-skeletal bodywork which achieves long term relief.

A Myropractor is someone who is professionally qualified to provide assistance using myropractic techniques. Myropractors correct muscle spasms, relieve tension and realign the skeletal frame and body.

After a detailed assessment, Craig will identify the primary cause of the pain and perform the relevant muscle adjustments to correct the misalignment. Treatment consists of a series of muscle corrections. It is designed to improve the body's balance and posture by moving muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

Because it is the muscles that are manipulated to re-align the bones, the results are more effective.
Professional Myropractor who can assist with your myropractic needs

Myropactic: A Safe and Effective Alternative For Pain Relief

The treatment is non-invasive and suitable for people of all ages. For sports people it can mean a quick treatment, with fast action, meaning less time off the field. Anyone who has seen Craig for a rolled ankle will vouch for that!

Many people's bodies are out of alignment and they just don't know it. Sometimes the misalignment stems from an injury or accident years ago, often it's from a more recent mishap that didn't seem much at the time. This misalignment can result in a multitude of painful conditions.

Imagine how good you'd feel if your body was in total alignment and you were free from pain? Whether you have endured chronic pain for years or have a recent problem which is causing you discomfort and pain, Craig Haynes can help.

At Bunbury & Busselton Myropractic, we're here to make changes...and help you get better!