Customer Testimonials


Note: All testimonials are genuine, and we're very grateful to everybody for taking the time to write and send them to us.

"I broke my neck when I was 16 years old, and this has left me with a lifetime of headaches and knots down my back. I tried all the so called 'normal' avenues for help in dealing with the pain, Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, Sports Massage and even Reflexology. I have had very little relief from any of these.

When I received a leaflet through mail, I had never heard of Myopractic and thought 'well what have I got to lose?' I managed to get in to see Craig without any delays. From the very fist visit to Craig I could feel something was working - and I have now been going back on a regular basis for the past 9 months now. The results Myopractic and Craig have been able to get from a 25 year old injury have been nothing less than amazing. It feels very good not to have to rely on pain killers anymore.

Thank you both Craig and Helen for all the hard work and dedication you put into your patients - the results speak for themselves"

  • Sue C from Dalyellup

"After several months of enduring mysterious back pain, several visits to the doctors and a barrage of medical tests, all of which were fine, I then visited my Homeopath who suggested the problem might be muscle related and referred me on to Craig Haynes, Myopractor.

Craig did some simple muscle tests and then commenced treatment. I had already had Chiropractic treatment and basic Bowen treatment, neither offering any long term relief. After only four treatments (over a period of 16 days) with Craig, using a combination of Myopractic and Scenar machine treatment, I have been pain free for a month (mysterious pain in my back has disappeared). Craig has demonstrated some stretches and pressure points to continue with at home to prevent the problem recurring.

My passion is gardening and over the last month I have been pushing the limits, enjoying as much time as possible in my garden.

It is fantastic to be able to enjoy my life again without pain. Thanks Craig!"

  • Isabell E from Leschenault

"I have had back problems for well over 20 years, and over those years, I have lost count of how many physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and therapeutic massage professionals I have visited. None gave any lasting benefit. Therefore, as you can imagine, when I first visited Craig I held no great hope of improvement with my back. However, I'm now pleased to say I was wrong. I've had four visits with Craig and can genuinely say there is a big improvement in my back stiffness and discomfort. Even after just one visit I was able to garden for 45 minutes and walk back into the house without pain.

Not only has he helped me with my back condition but I find him to be a genuinely lovely person with a very caring attitude. I thoroughly recommend his services."

  • Jean M from Pelican Point

"I've been struggling with a hip and groin problem for 18 months. I've tried many different people, and treatments, but noone could help me til I tried Craig Haynes. He has fixed it and the pain has stopped. I can now sleep better and walk better. I am even going back to the gym. I would like to thank Craig for the care and advise he has given me over the last month, I am so pleased I gave him a try. I would recommend him to anyone."

  • Wendy C from Bunbury

"I first went to my Doctor four years ago to see what he could do for my Sciatica, was put on anti-inflammatory medication for two of the four years I suffered with it. One could say that should have been it, but I found out that long term use of anti-inflammatory medication could cause lots of trouble with my stomach, so I asked the doctor to take me off the medication, and sought the help of a Bowen Therapist which did help for a short while.

I moved from where I was living at the time to Bunbury where I sought the help of a Chiropractor, he has been working on my lower back and neck, but could not relieve the sciatica; was recommended to see a Sports Therapist who wanted to give me an injection into my spine with steroids. I did not follow through with that for two reasons, the expense and the fact that it had not worked for three friends who tried it.

So I found an advert in the local paper here in Bunbury - Myopractic Clinic run by Craig Haynes. Had, I think, around four visits and I am mostly pain free after four years. Thanks to Craig and Myopractic I have a better quality and nearly pain free life again. I do recommend that if you are in pain go see him, he will look after you as he did me. As I mentioned I only had four visits and if ever in need again I will not hesitate to make an appointment."

  • Wayne H from Bunbury